Buy and trade cryptos like never before

Introducing the fastest and most powerful DEX, up to 150X leverage. Join us now for lightning-fast trades and a revolutionary trading experience.



Security & Transparency of Assets

Using ZK-rollups solution to bundle transaction records and asset changes records onto the blockchain, greatly reducing gas fees, and all transactions are verifiable.

Always Self-Custodial

Stake & Earn

Purchase MLP Tokens to earn trading fees.


High-performance Matching Engine

Major Smart Contract Based DEX can only match 10 orders per second or 1000 orders placement/cancellations per second. The centralized matching engine can achieve 100K matches per second.

Lightning Fast Experience

Low Fee

Save on fees with zero gas fees on L2 trades and competitive trading fees.

Low Fee

High Leverage & LP Protected

150X leverage trading with tight spreads is made possible with the unique combination of order-book and liquidity pool mechanism.

MUFEX wallet
MUFEX bitcoin

Trade on the go. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Create your non-custodial wallet easily using your email or social media account
  • Secure your wallet with a social recovery solution

Our Roadmap

2023 Q2
  • MUFEX Mainnet Launch - On June 21th
  • Support for Affiliates
  • ZKP Asset Proof on Testnet - End of June
  • APP launch
2023 Q3
  • MUFEX Dunkirk Asset Recovery Test - Mid of July
  • MUFEX Asset Proof on Mainnet- End of July
  • Support for One-Click Trading Lite Mode
  • Support for MLP Multi-Pool Mining
2023 Q4
  • Trading ZKP On-Chain
  • MLP Token On-Chain

Our partners around the globe

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